Magplayer Intelligent Magnetic Construction 40 Piece Chariot Set


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Magplayer Intelligent Magnetic Construction 40 Piece Chariot Set For Brain Development


Magplayer focus on developing children’s spatial intelligence and meanwhile have a good auxiliary effect on the development of children’s following major capacities.

Perfect for those days when building with 2 colors just isn’t enough. Magplayer is made from imported plastic and super magnet. The super magnets which are encapsulated within all the edge surfaces which makes them rotate to any direction and connect each other regardless of their position when tow magplayer are brought together. Through the connection, you can easily make sphere, cone, cube, etc. turn from basic graph to a variety of models and basic construction frames. Let children freely bring into play their imagination and creativity.

Magplayer pulling-up unit can strengthen children’s dynamic capacity or body.

Magplayer can be assembled into all kinds of shapes easily, which can stimulate the left cerebral hemisphere’s capacity or R&D and design of children.

Magplayer can be connected at will, which can promote cultivation of the right cerebral hemisphere’s artistic creation ability of children.

Magplayer of different angles allow children to easily understand the concept of angle from games and can help strengthen their logical-mathematical intelligence.

3D assembly can help improve the right cerebral hemisphere’s visual-spatial intelligence of children.

Children play the Magplayer usually together with their friends, which can promote development of children’s managing interpersonal relationship capacity.

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