Pickl-It Deluxe Fermentation Lid Kit Convert 'Fido' Jars


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Pickl-It Deluxe Fermentation Lid Kit Convert 'Fido' Jars For Anaerobic Pickling


Pickl-It Practicality
Our airtight-lid and airlock system are the same practical tools used by our ancient ancestors. They used animal skins, unglazed covered crocks, sealed gourds, covered wooden barrels, and deep-earth fermentation pits. We use glass, salt and water to achieve the same great results. No animals were harmed in Pickl-it Development.

Pickl-It Protects
We’ve put anaerobic – oxygen-free – back into “fermentation’. When oxygen is eliminated, the bad guys, like mold and harmful yeasts, cannot thrive. And the good guys – vitamins, antioxidants, important dietary enzymes, and probiotics – thrive in an anaerobic environment.

Pickl-It Preserves
Many Pickl-It customers have switched from canning to Pickl-It fermentation, preserving their precious food. Foods fermented and stored in the Pickl-It system remain viable, flavorful and nutritious from harvest-to-harvest, or longer. You can expect an 18-month life for sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, kimchi, garlic, lemons and hot pepper mashes.

Each Pickl-It lid-kit includes;
- Hand-made in USA, Pickl-It food-grade glass fermenting lid
- Food grade silicone grommet
- 3-piece primary fermentation airlock
- Silicone Plug’R

Deluxe lid-kit also includes;
- 3oz Dunk’R glass fire-polished fermentation weight
- 1/4 pound “ice white” brine-grind fermentation sea salt
- All glass – Italian food-grade container

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