Ultra-Fast Instant Digital Electronic Thermometer


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Ultra-Fast Instant Digital Electronic Thermometer / Collapsible Internal Probe. AAA battery Included


The Original #1 Best Seller Ultra-Fast Instant Read Digital Electronic Barbecue Meat Thermometer with Collapsible Internal Probe

High Performance

Smart Products Barbecue Meat Thermometer is a premium 2.75" probe thermometer fit for both home and professional use. It's able to achieve an ultra-fast 4 second response time at all typical cooking/roasting temperatures.


of ±0.9°F, it is the best performing thermometer in its price range. Built for Professional Use Our product is NSF approved for commercial and professional use. We use high-quality impact-resistant thermoplastics to prevent warping and cracking. Smart Products Digital Barbecue and Meat Thermometer can survive for hours of continuous use on a single change of battery.

Feature Packed

A tiny 1.6mm tapered probe minimizes the puncture footprint on your food. An anti-microbial thermoplastic shell prevents bacterial growth. Cheap & Dangerous Imitators Cheap imitators have flooded the market with slower and inaccurate products that aren't approved by any food-safety agencies. Why take the risk?


- Response Time: 4-5 seconds to within 1°F of final temperature in moving boiling water (212°F)

- Accuracy: ±0.9°F @ -4 ~ 302°F (±0.5°C @ -20 ~ 150°C)

– Range: -40 ~ 482°F (-40 ~ 250°C)

– Battery: 1x AAA for easy replacement

- Battery Life: Amazing - Auto-Off: 60 min - °F/°C Configurable:


If you are unhappy with the performance of this thermometer in 60 Days No Questions Asked return Policy

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